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Animal Petting Zoo

Available in the App Store

Animal Petting Zoo is an iPhone/iPod Touch app which is very fun for kids and adults. It has four animals to play with and each animal has multiple actions and sound effects per animal.

It is like an interactive toy which can amuse a kid for a while.

Swipe across the screen right to left to pet the animal, tap the animal to Bop it, swipe across the screen bottom to top to lift it up in the air, or press the Feed and Roar buttons to hear the animals’ realistic sounding voice.

The animals don’t just stand there like static pictures. They have some life to them. When they are poked, petted, or lift into the air, they make noises to show a CAUSE and EFFECT.

This would be great for toddlers and young kids.

Available in the App Store

This app is available for a discount to Apple-approved Education institutions through the Appleā€™s Volume Purchase Program.