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Plumbing & HVAC Calculators

Available in the App Store

The Plumbing & HVAC Calculators & Converters app is good for reference, educational, and small projects.


1. Weights (Ounces, Grams, Pounds, Tons US, Kilograms, Tons UK, and Tonnes
2. Virtual Airflow (US Units)
3. Virtual Airflow (Metric Units)
4. Reynolds Number for Metric
5. Reynolds Numberfor US / Imperial

The Virtual Airflow & Reynolds Number calculators are designed to give related and relevant information about the amount of air in a defined area, and the size air handler or fan required to move it in a given amount of time. The air movement can be from a heater, AC unit, chiller, refrigeration unit, closed fan unit or cooler (swamp cooler or evaporative cooler) into the area, or from an exhaust fan moving the air out of the area.

For the distance calculators enter the area dimensions in feet or meters. Accuracy to the inch or centimeter is not needed. Enter the number of times per hour that you would like total change of the air mass volume in that area. Enter the air flow specification of the air handler (fan) you anticipate using in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or cubic meters per minute. Click on Calculate and the results will be the (air) volume of the area, the amount of time for each volume of air mass change, the total volume of air requiring movement with an hour, the volume air flow of the suggested fan (based on your entries) and the number of fans or air handlers needed if they are of the target size you selected.

A guideline for clear air (especially if filtered) in an area is 4 to 8 complete cycles every hour.

Area Converters

• Square Inches and Shorter Conversion
• Square Feet & Yards & Meters Conversion

Distance Converters

• Inches & Centimeters & Millimeters Conversion
• Feet & Yards & Meters Conversion
• Miles & Kilometers Conversion

Volume Converters

• US/Imperial to Metric Units Conversion
• Metric to US/Imperial Units Conversion
• Inches & Centimeters Volume Conversion
• Feet, Yards, & Meters Volume Conversion

All results can also be emailed through the iphone’s email application using an automatically filled-in email template provided with the app.

This app features:

• Send your calculations or conversion by email
• Universal App (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad)
• Retina Display graphics
• Fast app switching
• Automatically Saves Your Inputs

No network connectivity required.

Note: All information in this app is for informational purposes only.

Note: Should not be considered for open fan blade fans in ceilings higher than 12 feet or with fan’s rated or measured in capacity for a room size in square feet rather than cubic feet.



Available in the App Store

This app is available for a discount to Apple-approved Education institutions in the United States. Please contact Apple for further details.