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Automobile Trip Calculators & Converters

Available in the App Store

* Featured by Apple under ‘New and Noteworthy’ in iPhone and iPad > Travel

The Travel Cost app is a straight-forward, no-nonsense calculator for getting the most useful questions for travel computed. This app can calculate based on miles per gallon or liters per 100km the cost of a trip as well as do many useful conversions.

The following Travel Calculators

• Trip Cost
• Cost per Mile/Kilometer
• Relative Fuel Cost Difference
• Trip Duration

As well as the following conversion utilities,

Area Converters

• Inch and Shorter Conversion
• Feet & Yards & Meters Conversion
• Miles & Kilometers Conversion

Distance Converters

• Inches & Centi- & Millimeters Conversion
• Feet & Yards & Meters Conversion

Efficiency Converter

• Fuel Efficiency Conversion

Volume Converters

• US/Imperial to Metric Units Conversion
• Metric to US/Imperial Units Conversion
• Inches & Centimeters Volume Conversion
• Feet, Yards, & Meters Volume Conversion

All results can also be emailed through the iphone’s email application using an automatically filled-in email template provided with the app.

This app features:

• Send your calculations or conversion by email
• Universal App (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad)
• Retina Display graphics
• Fast app switching
• Automatically Saves Your Inputs

No network connectivity required.

Note: All information in this app is for informational purposes only.

Available in the App Store