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Monsters for Toddlers & Young Little Kids

Available in the App Store

The Monsters for Toddlers & Young Little Kids app is a fun and humorous toy with sixteen monsters in all for the little monsters in all of us.

Poke the monster and hear up to three funny sounds.

Tap the “Scary” button and hear the scary sound of the monster.

Tap the “Hear” button and listen to the sound of the monsters name.

Monsters Available

• Green Cowboy Boot monster
• Panting Ruff-Ruff monster
• Fire Breathing Dragon monster
• Frankenstein’s monster
• Fuzzy One-eyed monster
• Floating Ghost monster
• Big-eyed Wingless Bug monster
• One-Eyed Gorilla monster
• Yellow-Toothed Smiley monster
• Cyan Squid monster
• Green Three-Eyed monster
• Red Five-Eyed monster
• Vampire monster
• Purple Hotdog monster
• Blue Big Eyed Snake monster
• White Bunny monster

Have fun!

Available in the App Store

This app is available for a discount to Apple-approved Education institutions through the Apple’s Volume Purchase Program.