Precious Metal Calculators

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The Precious Metal Calculators app is designed to calculate the wire and foil weight of a given sheet length of gold, platinum, rhodium, and silver. Enter the width, length and thickness of the precious metal in millimeters or inches or gauge. Click on Calculate. The weight will be calculated in troy ounces and grams.

* Gold Foil Sheet Weight
* Silver Foil Sheet Weight
* Platinum Foil Sheet Weight
* Rhodium Foil Sheet Weight
* Gold Wire Weight
* Silver Wire Weight
* Platinum Wire Weight
* Rhodium Wire Weight

* Gauge Thickness Conversion
* Area Converter
* Distance Converter

The results can also be emailed through the iphone’s email application using an automatically filled-in email template.

The application is completely compatible with the iPhone OS 3 and iOS 4, as well as the iPod Touch.

Please note, all metals calculated are considered pure, unmixed metals.

NOTE: This app is for informational purposes only.

Available in the App Store

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